A church of Christ in Cape Town – Durbanville church of Christ in Cape Town, South Africa
Durbanville church of Christ, Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to the Durbanville church of Christ in Cape Town! We’re delighted to have you here. Join us for uplifting services, and opportunities for spiritual growth. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can assist you with. Together, let’s journey towards faith, hope, and love.

The church in Cape Town is working to follow Jesus Christ. Living simply as christians, following the teaching recorded in the Bible.

Expect a warm welcome at the church of Christ in Cape Town, Bible classes for instruction, and a simple New Testament-patterned assembly and service dedicated to glorifying God in the ways provided through His own revealed will.

This is what to expect during your time here and you are encouraged to join us.

Congregational singing of praise and encouragement from the heart.

Prayers to God.

Collection for the saints. You are not asked nor obligated to give. You may give if you desire. The money is used to further the teaching of the Bible in this community.

Lord’s supper
Remember the death of Jesus by partaking the Lord’s Supper.

Message spoken from the word of God that has practical applications to your life.

If you’re in the area or are passing by, we hope you will come join us as we worship God.

times of service

Worship – 09:00 AM
Bible Study – 10:00 AM

Bible Study – 07:00 PM

our location

Durbanville church of Christ in Cape Town, South Africa
42 Verdi Boulevard, Sonstraal Heights
Durbanville | 7551
Tel: +27 21 9755645
Mobile: +27 842058867

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